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charges or running), or even low frequency rumbles.

These waves travel through the ground and are picked up through special sensory corpuscles in the feet and trunk tip.

In males the head is rounded, while the female head is angular.

The African elephant is usually grey in colour, but often appears brown or reddish from wallowing in mud holes of coloured soil, which becomes plastered to the body.

The two incisor teeth of the elephant are modified into very prominent tusks protruding from the upper jaw.

There has also been some recent studies showing that elephants are able to pick up seismic waves caused by stomping elephants (i.e.

They are known to have become nationally extinct in Burundi in the 1970s, in The Gambia in 1913, in Mauritania in the 1980s, and in Swaziland in 1920, where they were reintroduced in the 1980s and 1990s.

Although large tracts of contiguous elephant range remain in parts of central, eastern and southern Africa, elephant distribution is becoming increasingly fragmented across the continent.

It is a fusion of the nose and upper lip and has no bones or cartilage.

In principle the trunk is a long cone operated by two major sets of muscles with a pair of two long, wide nasal tubes running down the middle. The trunk is used to perform functions such as feeding, watering, dusting, smelling, touching, communicating and lifting, and also for defence.

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