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Azure AD supports the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol, which makes use of both access_tokens and refresh_tokens.

It also supports authentication and sign-in via Open ID Connect, which introduces a third type of token, the id_token.

A JWT is a compact, URL-safe means of transferring information between two parties.

The information contained in JWTs are known as "claims", or assertions of information about the bearer and subject of the token.

You can use the claims in an id_token as you see fit - commonly they are used for displaying account information or making access control decisions in an app.

Id_tokens are signed, but not encrypted at this time.

For more security considerations on bearer tokens, see RFC 6750 Section 5.

Many of the tokens issued by Azure AD are implemented as JSON Web Tokens, or JWTs.

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Note that the claims in id_tokens are not returned in any particular order.

The application that receives the token must verify that the audience value is correct and reject any tokens intended for a different audience.

Example SAML Value: Indicates how the subject was authenticated, as opposed to the client in the Application Authentication Context Class Reference claim.

There are several tools available for doing so, such as

For more information on JWTs, you can refer to the JWT specification.

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