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The military initiates a backup plan they call "secondary protocol", planning to remotely detonate the weapon at the asteroid's surface, despite Truman and Harry's insistence that it would be ineffective.Truman delays the military, while Harry convinces the shuttle commander Colonel Willie Sharp to disarm the remote trigger.NASA puts Harry and his crew through a short and rigorous astronaut training program, while Harry's team re-outfit the mobile drillers, "Armadillos", for the job.During training, Truman and Harry are skeptical about the abilities of A. Frost, a hot-headed drill operator who has been dating Harry's daughter Grace against Harry's wishes.Harry insists he will need his full team to help execute NASA's plan, and they agree to help but only after their list of unusual rewards are met.NASA plans to launch two specialized Space Shuttle orbiters, the X-71s, Freedom and Independence, to increase the chances of success; the shuttles will refill with liquid oxygen from the 11-year-old Russian space station Mir (which is modified to have artificial gravity by rotating on itself) before making a slingshot maneuver around the Moon to approach the asteroid from behind.

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The asteroid will collide with Earth in 18 days, causing a second extinction event.Using estimates of the asteroid's size, density, speed and distance from Earth based on information in the film, the postgraduate students from Leicester University found that to split the asteroid in two, with both pieces clearing Earth, would require 800 trillion terajoules of energy.In contrast, the total energy output of "Big Ivan", which was tested by the Soviet Union in 1961, was only 418,000 terajoules.Originally, it was Hensleigh’s script, based on Pool’s original, that had been greenlit by Touchstone.Then-producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, hired the succession of scribes for rewrites and polishes.

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