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Well I know how the story goes Flown from the flagpole at dawn [?But they still exude the verve and chemistry of an act in each other's back pockets, and again pushed the envelope by recording in Richmond, VA's Spacebomb Studios for their newest LP, .My own experience with that prolonged strangeness explains why “Christmas TV” completely gutted me when I heard it for the first time last year.The song so singularly encapsulated so many of the feelings of my own long-distance relationship that it was physically painful to hear—and in that way it was unlike any song I'd heard in the last seven-and-a-half-years.The screen is 163 x 148 cm (64-1/4 x 58-1/4 inches) and is in excellent condition.

we found that all these guys were essentially jazz musicians instead of indie pop, and they drew on stuff we wouldn't have normally." The record also steps up the game for the act lyrically, exhibiting a maturity and self-awareness only hinted at on their previous work.

Playing with the Spacebomb band was a massive honour.

That interpretation of their dynamic is complemented by their vocal strategy: they frequently sing in unison, eschewing harmony save for situations where special emphasis is required.-based musicians who make up the band Slow Club, aren't boyfriend and girlfriend?

No meu dia-a-dia trabalho e cuido da família, filha e meus bichinhos de estimação gatos e cachorros.

Gosto de ouvir boa música e música ao vivo, teatro, cinema e viajar qdo possível.

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