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It was usually a family affair and as children we were thrilled, we all loved getting out there and playing in the mud!

The thrill of catching a little air while riding in the jeep was something he and his children loved.

Roger discovered a lot of things while out "Jeepin'", but the biggest one was "It's easier to break them than to fix them!

" Roger was an avid reader and loved going to the Clearwater Memorial Public Library, sometimes going there twice a day.

She loved baking for her large family and her children's friends.

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Bob enjoyed camping, traveling down south with friends for the winter along with spending time up in Spokane, WA, with his son, Bill, and daughter-in-law Teresa.

Her family moved during World War II to Seattle, WA, where her brothers worked in the shipyards and she worked in a shoe store.

Norma's family moved back to Lewiston at the end of the war, and it was during this time she met and married her first husband, Karl Taylor. They divorced, and Norma married Lloyd Fauver in December of 1949 in Lewiston.

Roger and Audrey eloped and married in a wedding ceremony in Winnemucca, NV on April 29, 1956.

Their marriage lasted for 18 years when they decided to call it quits as a married couple, but their love for their children kept them well connected and in their later years they were the best of friends who still cared deeply for each other.

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