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S: Imovision WAKOLDA (Lucia Puenzo, Argentina-France-Spain) Puenzo’s third feature, based on her novel, and a step-up in scale that takes nothing from an unsettling thriller-portrait of evil. S: Fi Ga Films WE ARE THE NOBLES (Gaz Alazraki, Mexico) Mexico’s first 2013 B. juggernaut, proving there’s a local audience for well-turned-out entertainment-driven comedy with social overtones.

Located in Batumi in the region of Ajara, this detached villa features a garden with a barbecue.

Your failed relationship is not worth you giving up on life and love.

The same applies to piercings and especially to tattoos.

You might not think it, but your idea for a new tattoo design may well be rooted in your heartache.

S: Habanero Film Sales LA JAULA DE ORO (Diego Quemada Diez) Cannes’ 2013 Un Certain Talent winner for its three leads – Rodolfo Dominguez, Karen Martínez, Brandon Lopez – an often ravishingly shot immigration thriller which shockingly refuses feel-good triumph over adversity. Edgar Ramirez plays Simon Bolivar, the 19 century revolutionary who wrested independence for much of Latin America from Spain. S: Mundial MUERTE EN BUENOS AIRES (Natalia Meta, Argentina) ‘80s uptown Buenos Aires-set noirer starring Oscar nominee Damien Bichir. Critics have picked up as much on its oblique framing story of the girl’s rich, landed family’s denial of building indigenous community rebellion. S: Mundial THE WELL (Michael Rowe, Mexico) Rowe’s follow-up to Cannes Camera d’Or winning “Leap Year,” which consecrated him as one of the world’s directors to watch.

S: Films Boutique LAST CALL (Francisco Franco, Mexico) Chronicling a dysfunctional theater troupe’s staging of Albert Camus’ “Caligula,” their behavior discrediting the play’s central theme, Franco’s follow-up to 2007’s “Burn the Bridges” won Guadalajara’s audience and actress award for its ensemble cast and opened October’s 3 EL MUDO (Daniel and Diego Vega, Peru-Mexico-France) In their second pic “October” helmers Daniel and Diego Vega cock a snook at corruption in Peru, narrating the black farce of a judge whose tragic flaw is his honesty. S: UDI FOOSBALL (Juan Jose Campanella, Argentina-Spain) Campanella’s 3D kids-targeting toon follow-up to the Oscar-winning “The Secret in Their Eyes,” a big B. hit in Argentina, and Latin America’s biggest animated feature to date. S: Alpha Violet TATTOO (Hilton Lacerda, Brazil) Lacerda’s first fiction feature, “Tattoo” won August’s Gramado Fest then scooped five prizes at October’s Rio Fest, sharing best film with “A Wolf at the Door.” Set at an anarchist drag-queen cabaret in 1978, as cracks began to appear in Brazil’s military dictatorship, its subject – libertinism as civil resistance – touched national nerves. WE ARE MARI PEPA (Samuel Kishi Leopo, Mexico) Kishi-Leopo’s debut, building on his same-titled short, a boisterous chronicle of adolescence via a 16-year-old and his wannabe Guadalajara punk band, established its crowd-pleasing credential at October’s Morelia Fest. Charting the consequences of parent’s divorce on a little girl, “The Well” world preemed at Morelia, competing in Rome but Ventana Sur is it’s first big market premiere.

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