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Statement of Accounting Standards (q) "Spot rate" means the exchange rate for immediate delivery of currencies to be exchanged.(r) "Temporal method" means a method of translating the financial statements of a foreign operation whereby: (i) monetary items are translated at the exchange rate current at balance date; (ii) non-monetary items are translated at exchange rates current at the dates as at which those items were first recognised in the accounts or, where those items have been revalued (upwards or downwards) Pamphlet | 2.

Any additional difference would give rise to arbitrage opportunities and thus risk-free profit by constructing similar portfolios to those used in the examples above.At the same time, there were signs of strain in some foreign exchange swap and cross-currency swap markets, which are more closely related to credit markets and cross-border funding. Exchange difference is the difference resulting from translating a given number of units of one currency into another currency at different exchange rates.Reference Exchange Rate The reference exchange rate of the kyat for account transactions against the U. dollar is based on the auctions conducted by the Central Bank of Myanmar and authorized domestic dealer banks. The reference exchange rate, which is determined by market demand and supply conditions, is published for reference purpose only. Exchange rate is the ratio of exchange for two currencies.In fact, no particular significance should be attached to the position of the spot exchange rate within the Convertibility Zone. Spot exchange rate is the exchange rate for immediate...Taxation of foreign exchange S, = the spot exchange rate at time t (dollarslforeign currency) ... Although anticipated FEGL from short-term transactions could be reasonably well-determined by using forward exchange rates as proxies for expected future spot exchange rates, forward rates are not readily available for the long term. Foreign exchange markets Notwithstanding some significant exchange rate movements, foreign exchange spot markets generally continued to function smoothly throughout the period of higher volatility. Closing rate is the spot exchange rate at the end of the reporting period.

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