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I believe its from a TV show or movie where she is a murder victim and this is from the autopsy scene.

As soon as I saw it I began imagining what those nasty First Order interrogators might have been doing to her..hours....

Just throwing a last minute torture idea for Justine. Sounds like pretty ambitious plotline; if he even does one of those, it would be a worthwhile purchase.

Bill K - Well, that's certainly one way to get Amy to finally lose the bush. ******** And speaking of in general, Esso posted a couple of stills from Grew Some Horror (credit to Ralphus for coming up with that one), 'um, I mean.... Doesn't look like Amber has beaver pelts pasted on her on this one (though hard to tell as the pics are pretty small, made worse by my Mr. Believe it or not, it is on I'm afraid I don't know.

I just googled "Daisy Ridley hot" and this was something that popped up.

Also the Italians made some Prehistoric epics, I mostly saw the previews, since I was not allowed to see that type of movie.

One of them presented a Rite of Spring in which young nubile women were stripped and whipped on some sort of wooden trellis.

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