Cost of updating star reading

What it can't do is determine why growth is not trending the way every teacher would hope (such as absenteeism, home stress, or other extenuating circumstances).

All students K-8 take STAR reading assessments at our school.

Star 360 is a fantastic general reading assessment for determining baseline eligibility for reading interventions.

The teachers use this data to offer interventions when necessary, connect students with reading materials at their level, help them make reading goals, and track student's progress and reading comprehension.

Renaissance Star 360® assessments are designed to provide the achievement and growth data educators need for screening, progress monitoring, and guiding instruction in the least amount of testing time.

My school district currently uses Renaissance Star 360 as part of the admission process and for all current students.

Students take the assessment at least three times a year in order to determine needs for interventions and to measure reading growth.

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